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6 Safety Tips for Women in Every Day Living

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Opportunities to protect yourself are everywhere, whether you are driving, shopping, internet dating or just living your daily life.    Today's technology brings progress but also brings new threats to daily peace of mind.  As a woman alone here are a few great tips to keep you safe in your day to day routines.  

1.  Be aware:  No matter where you find yourself, always be aware of what is around you.  Be alert for things that seem out of place like a suspicious person, vehicle, or anything that doesn't appear to belong.  Most crimes occur when someone is unsuspecting and their guard is down. 

2.  Be Alert:  The most vulnerable person is a distracted person. Cell phones are the biggest distraction in most everyone's daily routine.  Ask yourself, can it wait?  Walking through a store or driving while on the phone pulls your attention away from the task at hand or what is going on around you.  If you do have phone conversations in public, be aware of what your are sharing.  Don't inadvertently let a thief know you will be away, alone, or at a specific location.  If you must talk on your phone, consider a single bluetooth earphone so the conversation is private and your are not blocking out all outside sounds.  

3.  Car Safety:  Keep your doors locked and windows up.  Most carjackings occur at an intersection.  A thief will target your blind spot and jump in.  Keeping your car secured keeps opportunity for becoming a victim lowered.  Consider a dash cam.  Dash cams can not only show a prospective thief you have a video record of any event but also of your vehicle when it is unoccupied.  Cameras can also be helpful in the event of an accident to be a video witness for insurance or law enforcement.   

4.  Purse Safety:  Keep your  purse closed when in any public place.  If possible it is best not to carry a purse if you are going to a busy venue.  Consider GPS tracking for your bags or wallets.  There are trackers small enough to fit in a purse liner without detection.  In the event of a purse theft, easily locate your belongings to alert law enforcement. 

5.  Home Safety:  Do not leave the outside of your home looking vacant.  Whether you are away or at home alone, and empty home is more likely to be burglarized.  Check into home surveillance.  Doorbell cameras with 2-way intercom can now be purchased with no subscription and easily linked to your phone.  There are other great small surveillance devices to monitor any entrance like windows, patios, and pool areas.  No need for thousands of dollars on professional installation, look at easy DYI systems.  Finally, consider a safe room.  Choose a location in your home with good locks and easy accessibility.  If you own a gun or pepper spray, keep it easy to locate in your safe room in the event of an emergency.  If not consider a fire extinguisher or other heavy object.  

6.  Communication is Key:  If you are feeling threatened by someone or a situation, communicate to family, a friend, or neighbor.  The easiest victim is the silent one.  Don't be afraid to ask for help at anytime.  If you are actively being attacked the best defense can often be your yell for help.  If you are a victim of stalking or harassment, staying silent will only worsen your risk.  Speak up!  

Take a few moments to make a checklist of how to apply these great safety tips to your daily life.  Be empowered, Be Safe, Be Happy!

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