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Enslaved to Branding

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Each day millions drink branded coffee from comfort zone drive-thru's, get into a favorite car make, drive to a national retail store and fill carts with familiar labels.  Branding goes as far back as Mesopotamian seals from artisans.  Like a persistent song lyric a good brand jingle can follow you forever. 

I have a dear friend who came to the United States from Vietnam during the war.  When asked about her struggle to learn the English language, I was amused and enlightened by her answer.  Her first phrase was "ring around the collar" followed by "Kentucky Fried Chicken"  At 4 years old I know she wasn't washing clothes and had never had chicken from a bucket.  This is when I came to realize branding is stealth in it's absorption into all society. 

I am a retailer and work daily on my company branding.  I embrace economic ingenuity, however I have developed a new perspective.  As a single dad and a frugal spender I carefully choose the additional money I spend for a branded product.  My vehicle choice, my shoes, my beer I would never compromise.  I do however save money when I can on my electronics.  I found you can save money without sacrificing quality.  Check out these alternatives I found!

From apartments to luxury homes doorbell camera's are everywhere.  There are so many options most of which require upfront fees and subscriptions.  Look into options that allow you to have the control with no long term obligation.  Most of us are attached to our cell phones.  You can now do all your own monitoring with email alerts, live views, and real-time monitoring.  The best part is you only make the initial purchase, simply plug and play, and save your subscription money for your other indulgences like a favorite coffee chain.

Smart home technology now allows remote control of everything from appliances to music.  The top priority of any home should be to feel protected from the unknown.  You can now get home security without spending thousands of dollars for installation and long term contracts.  Connect entry ways to Alexa for instant notification of motion or intrusion.

Connectivity to all communications, social media, and fitness monitoring has gone cyber from the home-maker to the high pressure executive.  Smart watches have now expanded from basic cell phone coverage to health, safety, and social contacts.  With Blue tooth and a cellular service you can now save with affordable watch options without feeling obligated to a specific programming.

From the moment we wake up to bedtime we are all faced with choices.  Hopefully this will help empower you to look for cost saving options so you can spend more on the choices that you refuse to compromise.  


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