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Fall Safety Tips Every Dog Owner Needs

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Fall is nearly upon us.  It's time for cooler weather, beautiful fall leaves, and holidays with treats galore.  We finish back to school and prepare for tricks and treats quickly followed by the season of family get togethers.  Often in the hustle of the holiday surge we forget our faithful furry companions.  

Our children have returned to school.  This often means backpacks on the floor, notebook paper shreds, and school supplies strung out for homework and projects.  Teach pet safety early with leaving things within reach of the family dog.  Treats in a backpack, schools glue, and even paper remnants can often cause stomach issues for our dogs.  Although it's a great one liner, do not let the dog eat your homework.  

Halloween, fall parties, Thanksgiving, and get-togethers begin to flow quickly making autumn a non-stop bustle.  Candy and treats begin to flow like the cooler fall air.  Dogs have a different digestive system and human treats can often disrupt good digestion, cause stomache sickness, and even chocolate toxicity.  Chocolate related illness increased over 70% on avarage during Halloween in pets.  Leaving candy dishes on coffee tables seems festive but can lead to your pet paying and unplanned visit to the vet. 

Like us, pets get colds and allergies too.  Fall leaves and dust can bring sniffles and sneezes.  Canine flu and bordetella, or "Kennel Cough” are both airborne diseases.  If your dog feels excessively warm, begins sneezing or coughing for frequently, or shows excessive mucus around nose and eyes, take them to the vet immediately.  Keep sick pets away from other pets to prevent spread as dogs tend to be social animals.  

The American Humane Association estimates over 10 million dogs and cats are lost or stolen in the U.S. every year.  With an increase in traffic through your homes doors with school friends, family gatherings, and cooler weather allowing doors to remain open, be aware of where your pet is.  Even with fenced in yards the inner wild canine can find the smallest escape.  Look at investing in a pet GPS for collars to easily find them with tracking sent right to your smart phone.  Geo fences are also inexpensive options for any outdoor space to keep your pet in an area you have zoned.  

Tricks or Treats and family eats, hayrides & bonfires....  Autumn is a time for cooling down, changes leading to the end of an eventful year, and embracing home and hearth.  Remember your pets are your children and will be a cherished part of those memories.  

  • “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.” – Josh Billings


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