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Guide to Safe Apartment Living

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Just starting out or enjoying the twilight of your life, many call an apartment, town home, or condo their ideal home.  Low maintenance, feeling of community, and cozy living are some of the features we look for in a home.  Just because you rent or lease doesn't mean you have to sacrifice comfort and safety.  Most rental residents are restricted to altering their living space in fear of losing a deposit or breaking lease guidelines.  Here's some great safety tips that are inexpensive and allow you to feel protected without compromising the integrity of your residence.   

Secure entrances to your home.  Whether it's your front door, balcony, or windows, you should consider good lighting and locks

Balconies are easy access for theft and can be dangerous if you have small children or pets.  Look at installing wireless Solar lighting.  A well lit space is a safe space.  There are many wireless motion detected lighting options available.  Consider securing balconies with netting or other guard barrier options to prevent little ones or pets from injury. 

With doorbell camera's, you can now see and communicate with anyone stopping by for a visit or delivery.  There are available systems that do not require rewiring, drilling holes for mounting, or damaging your door.  You can also consider a light bulb security camera with 2-way intercom for less than $60.  Simply put it into your existing light fixture at front or back entrance. 

Windows and sliding doors come with basic locks.  You can now get locking mechanisms that go into the rail of either door or window.  There are options with keys and even pass codes available. 

Often times apartment residents do not consider surveillance systems due to a small living space or costly subscriptions.  There are great DYI options that don't require hard wiring.  Consider mini camera's with 24 hour access to your mobile device.  you can also look at smoke detector camera's that replace your existing detector with no professional installation needed. 

Finally, stop worrying about drippy plumbing, leaking appliances or water fixtures.  For less than $40 you can install a water leak detector to send an alert right to your mobile device. 

No matter the size of your home, everyone deserves living without having to worry about what could happen.  With innovative new safety and security products at your fingertips you can take control of the maybe's and what if's and enjoy the here and now's with peace of mind.


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