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Motorcyclist Guide to Protect Your Ride

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Motorcycle's are one of the easiest targets for thieves.  As a rider you not only have to worry about your safety on the road, you also have to worry about keeping your investment safe.  Overall, there were a total of 44,268 motorcycle thefts in the U.S. in 2017.  Here are some helpful tips to keep your ride safe!
  • Chain it – even a casual thief will be able to break through a poor quality chain in seconds, so make sure your chain is sturdy (generally the more expensive the better) No chain will stop the most determined of thieves, but you can at least slow them down and make it as difficult as possible, hopefully to the point where they give up. Wherever possible chain the bike to something immovable such as a fence, lamppost or ideally a ground anchor.
  • Anchor it – a ground anchor is well worth investing in for your regular parking place. The minimal installation effort will pay dividends.
  • Cover it – not only does a cover come with the obvious benefit of protecting your bike from the elements, it is also a useful way of making it less noticeable to thieves.
  • Disc lock it – a useful extra solution and very easily portable – just don’t forget to remove it when you move off (a disc lock cable is a useful and inexpensive reminder).
  • Alarm it – alarms on the bike itself or in the garage (ideally both) are well worth investing in. Alarmed padlocks offer a cost effective solution as well.
  • Track it – Trackers can be expensive, but are invaluable in terms of recovering stolen bikes. Under some circumstances they can pay for themselves via cheaper insurance costs, or at least will often lower your premium.

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