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Safe Home Checklist

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  • Check all locking mechanisms for reliability.  Don't forget windows and pet doors.  Pet doors with sturdy locks for when you're away are a must have. 
  • Have good lighting for yard and entrance ways.  Look into Solar light options and 2-way intercom entrance lights. 
  • Keep your home looking lived in.  Vacant homes are more targeted for burglary.  
  • Advertise home security systems are in place.  Even if you don't have one, look into faux system's and signage.  
  • Examine your landscaping.  Keep trees and bushes pruned for better visibility.  Look for problem areas that may serve as a hiding spot for potential thieves.
  • Check Sliding glass doors, lanai entrances, and windows for easy entry.  Invest in sliding locks and window locks. 
  • Put your street number not your name on your mailbox.  
  • Give a neighbor or trusted friend a spare key.  Look into secure hidden key boxes in case of lockout.  

Always remember:

  • S Secure your family, home, and valuables
  • A Always be looking for ways to improve security that fits your lifestyle
  • F Follow up on opportunities to educate your family on safety 
  • E Enjoy peace of mind by knowing you and your family are protected

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