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Soft Touch Night Light



  • Cute Without Remote
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  • Cool With Remote
  • Cute With Remote
  • Waterdrop Battery
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  • Happy Battery
  • Cute Cat Battery
  • Diamond Battery


Get your kids the perfect nightlight and bedtime companion.  Make bedtime fun with these silicone soft color changing nightlights.  Light activates by tap, tap a second time to create a multi-color light show.  No worrying about turning it off if you child falls asleep, light automatically shuts off after 2 hours.  Low ambient lighting creates a soothing sleep mood.  Made of soft silicone making it safe to fall of the bed or your child to roll over on.  Convenient USB charging option available so no need for batteries.  Includes indicator light to let you know it is fully charges.  Max 3 hour charge time gives 12-15 hours of light.  Depending on model size varies to around 5" X 6".  Use manual switch off button to control tap feature or purchase option with remote.  Available in several fun styles.  Free shipping and the Envision 30 day guarantee included.  Peace of mind for you, years of smiles for your child.




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