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LawMate Surveillance Kit




Surveillance never looked so sleek. Hidden camera technology built into your everyday items. The tactical case makes it easy to quickly deploy in the field. But if you just need a piece of tech, all of these DVRs are small, portable and battery operated to grab-n-go.


SD CardBattery PoweredRemote WirelessIndoor and OutdoorHDWi-fi Enabled


With this blendable hidden camera technology into everyday items this surveillance kit can change the game when it comes to collecting evidence. Mission ready, this case makes it easy to keep track and transport your surveillance devices regardless of the job.


  • LawMate 1080P Keyfob HD Camera & DVR
  • LawMate 1080P Night Vision Car Charger
  • LawMate 720P Covert Surveillance Glasses
  • LawMate 1080P P2P iPhone 6/7 Battery Case
  • Lawmate 1080P WiFi Universal Adapter
  • Lawmate Touchscreen Analog DVR+ Button Camera


LawMate 1080P Keyfob HD Camera & DVR

Covertly record video in HD with this handheld hidden Key Chain Camera. Its on-board DVR system takes a small memory card while the pinhole cameras records surveillance video in HD.


LawMate 1080P Night Vision Car Charger

Car Charger Hidden Camera with Night Vision. Get 24-hour surveillance plus night vision with this hidden camera designed as an ordinary car charger. The LawMate DVR277IR has been upgraded it features built-in IR’s and 1080p video footage for around the clock vehicle security. Day or Night, capture evidence of theft, vandalism, or just unwanted behavior behind the wheel. With its discreet hidden camera design and functional USB port no one will suspect the LawMate Car Charger Hidden Camera is packed with the power to keep your vehicle secure.


LawMate 720P Covert Surveillance Glasses

LawMate is bringing Covert Surveillance Glasses back to the market. Move seamlessly from outdoors to indoors with the stylish DVR295 Clear Glass Solution. LawMate packed these hidden specs with a practically invisible camera lens set in a modern black frames and clear eyeglass. No other video glasses perform better with the ability to record high definition 720p video footage. The built-in rechargeable battery allows for about 70 minutes of continuous recording in between charges. Equip operatives with the best hidden camera glasses on the market.


LawMate 1080P P2P iPhone 6/7 Battery Case

The LawMate iPhone 6/7 Case is the perfect solution for undercover spy surveillance while on the go or at home. This DVR hidden camera with an extended battery is concealed inside a common, functional case for your iPhone 6/7. The extended battery life gives you up to 180 minutes of recorded footage on a micro SD card. Record, control, and download video footage from the free App using your local P2P Wi-fi for your smartphone or tablet.


Lawmate 1080P WiFi Universal Adapter

Covertly designed, this universal charger hides a camera and DVR that is powered by an AC outlet, which means NO batteries. Simply plug in and start recording. With built in Wi-Fi the user can stream live videos on a smart phone from the free app.


Lawmate Touchscreen Analog DVR+ Button Camera

LawMate combines old and new technology rolled into one DVR. The Touch Screen Analog DVR and Camera Set features the ability to use CMOS and CCD analog cameras to capture footage with the look and feel of new technology.


  • Collect and review. This kit comes with all the tools of the trade plus a portable DVR to review your footage. What is great about these LawMate cameras, is they will never look out of place, you'll be able to move seamlessly in your environments. Set up surveillance ahead of time, deploy it quickly on-the-go or leave behind, whatever the op is this surveillance kit can aid your investigation.



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